Scott dunn ski deals

Scott dunn ski deals

Scott dunn ski deals

Andrew was born in Hampshire in the UK in He studied biology and psychology at Oxford Brooks. He started out in the world of tourism thanks to one of his passions, he wanted to ski for free, and so at the age of 22, he started his own ski company in The philosophy of the company founded by Dunn is that nothing is too much trouble for its guests. On one occasion they closed a pyramid in Egypt for a guest to enjoy a private dinner.


I had been skiing before university and thought I would like to set up a ski company. I went to college and everybody laughed at me. But I am an obstinate person and it was blatantly obvious it could be done better. Back then, chalet holidays were completely different. I was 22 and highly motivated, and the first year of business was pretty exciting, but there was a relatively steep learning curve.

I spent a year researching it all: I went to the Alps and did surveys on three different- sized companies. I found out people's likes and dislikes to pinpoint what they wanted on a holiday. I distinctly remember meeting Simon when he arrived to see his sister, who happened to be working for us. He had driven out to the Alps in a black TVR car. I have always been good at running the business and having ideas, but the accounts were in a shocking state.

I said to Simon "Can you take a look and prepare the books for the auditors? He said "Listen, one way is to join you and invest in the business. At the time, every brochure had some pretty blonde girl on the cover. We said, how are we going to be different? We did a totally black brochure, and that immediately got us noticed. We had a loyal clientele, but we realised we had to expand if we were to have a good living. We've ended up with the cream of the ski resorts and some of the best properties.

My grandmother taught me that you should always buy the most expensive, because generally it's going to be the best. There are some little things we have always done when nobody else would go to such lengths. It's the fluffy bathrobes and the postcards which are there in your room, the toiletries in your bathroom and the bottle of water on your table. Our greatest asset is our staff. We now have 14 in London and 57 overseas. We got hit hard during the recession, and kept thinking, how deep can we dig into our own pockets?

Then we took on board a whole new series of shareholders, from bankers to barristers. We weren't going to fail through lack of effort. I would take it as a personal insult if someone said they had had a bad holiday. I would be devastated. Our non-executive chairman and I have always been the bullish ones, but Simon was confident we would get through the difficult times. Simon always sits and listens, and then comments. I will talk continually without necessarily having thought of every aspect or eventuality.

He is naturally the cautious partner. We have never advertised the company: It has always amazed me how travel companies would send out letters which would say, "Dear Client". In the early days, I used to hand-sign every letter. Also, Simon and I know everything that goes on in the office, which is open-plan. It's important that you can overhear what people are saying.

My role is increasingly managerial, taking an overview of products. Competition in the travel industry is fierce, but no one is really doing cooks and nannies. We are transferring the Alps to the summer, and that's hugely exciting. You want to be with your children, but equally you want to read a book by the pool or play tennis. We have never fallen out. I am more hot-headed and he would never lose his temper. I think he chose to work with me because he saw the possibility of being part of something which could grow and be successful, to which he could contribute - a chance for him to make his mark.

I have infinite trust in Simon, and you know when you can trust someone. When I met Andrew, I was working in the City: But in , the business was bought by Boots. I was working as an auditor and knew it wasn't really what I wanted, though it was nice to see how other companies worked. Andrew is a brilliant front man, but I think it was getting a bit lonely. Some of the back-room books and processes were being neglected. That's my strength, and I decided to go straight into it.

I thought it was an opportunity I couldn't miss. I knew Andrew pretty well - my sister and I shared a house - and after that first ski season, we got talking. It was an exciting business to be in, and Andrew was very enthusiastic, very inquisitive, and doesn't mind asking anyone a question, even if it's an incredibly stupid question. He's always getting knowledge from people and finding out how things work, then he stores that information away.

Years ago, when he was up in Scotland with friends, they nicknamed him "Harry Keen". Lots of people know him as Harry now. He's always been the buzzy one. One of the first things I did on arrival was to say that the company cars had to go. Until you actually look from afar at a business, you can't see these little things. Andrew is half Scottish and I hate paying bills, so we try and get value for money. The great thing we had, in a small company, was to be able to sit down and make a decision and implement it.

I loved that informality and flexibility. There were no memos, and we could react very quickly. When we set up, there weren't many regulatory barriers, and a lot of people were setting up so they could go skiing and perhaps make a few bob. Andrew already had a long-term view. He was the first to sacrifice his holidays to get the company going. He loves skiing more than anything but that wasn't his intention in setting up. He had the vision, and we both had the same idea of what we could achieve.

He has the energy, and I follow in his footsteps and back him up with a bit of reality. We could have blossomed very quickly, but we both agree that it is still a niche market, and we have controlled it. We know most of the people who ski with us. Andrew would take on a lot more and some of those things might well have been very successful, but I am always a little bit of a stick in the mud. You might have one good year, but if a downturn comes, you need spare capacity.

I have instilled in Andrew that every single bed is not just a guest - it's money. We have paid for every apartment, so we must get some money for that bed, even if it means discounting. Andrew was very much the gentleman travel agent, and wouldn't discount because it meant somebody in a chalet might have paid more. That's a smashing principle, but economically it's just not viable.

Now, he's understood that point and will do everything in his power to make sure every bed is sold. One of Andrew's strengths is that he listens to people. We have a very fluid office: We don't have an us-them relationship. In the last year, we've started to take on different roles. We have come to the point where we have to be much more leader-managers.

There are things that happen now that we don't know about, and we're having to move up the ladder somewhat. I am still cautious: I hate having that element out of our control. Being an accountant, I'm neat and tidy, even pedantic, and I like things to be finished off in numbers and projects. Andrew has been wanting to buy and build chalets for several years, but I have always held off.

We are not builders - our strength is running holidays, and I don't think we should be pulled away from that. I am keen to concentrate on what we do best. He says it would put a lot of value into the business, but I am risk-averse. We have got a nice lifestyle and we are selling good holidays. My motivation is not to grow numbers drastically and sit on a pounds 20m company. Andrew might be a little bit more motivated by getting a conglomerate going.

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Scott Dunn

At Tante Marie Culinary Academy we run ski chalet cookery courses exclusively for high quality and boutique chalet companies such as Scott Dunn. Graduates of our Chalet Cooks Academy course are popular with a number of high end chalet companies and at the top end, our Cordon Bleu Diploma graduates are in high demand to work at the elite end of the ski chalet industry. Such is the demand for graduates of Tante Marie ski chalet training that we only work with a small number of seriously good companies, and are proud of the relationships we have formed with them over many years. Are you interested in a job with Scott Dunn either in the UK or abroad? Opportunities often come up to work at their head offices in London and Chichester, and they also recruit staff for the winter season in their Alpine ski resorts, and for the summer season in their Mediterranean villas. Scott Dunn are a dynamic company with a great brand and a renowned reputation in the world of luxury holidays.

Headquartered in his Hampshire family home and started by managing just two chalets in Switzerland, his idea became a success and over the next 30 years, not only did he grew the ski business to over 30 chalets in multiple Alpine resorts, but expanded the brand to cover luxury holidays to coveted destinations across the globe.

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The best tour operators for a family holiday

Draw will take place on Christmas Day. If you enter the exclusive raffle, you could win a luxury ski holidays to one of the exclusive luxury ski chalets for 8 people including flights and transfers, whilst helping Ed Drake fulfil his Olympic dream. Since , Scott Dunn has been creating fabulous luxury ski chalet holidays in the Alps. Scott Dunn also has an exclusive in-resort driver service and renowned childcare, available to both our chalet and ski hotel guests. The Scott Dunn luxury ski chalet and ski hotel portfolio includes 23 chalets and approximately 35 luxury ski hotels.

Winter holidays from Singapore with Scott Dunn: Luxury ski resorts in Japan and the European Alps

Like literally everyone in London, I decamped to the Alps for February half term for some family skiing. In our hotel, I bumped into a girl who goes to the same school as my eldest and my youngest found one of her London classmates in her ski class. Le Portetta, Courchevel Best for Foodies and Families: But what it does have is plenty of delicious restaurants including the 3 Michelin star Flocons de Sel. Bon Appetit! Hotel Kulm, St. With a recent spa facelift, Hotel Kulm still stands as one of the oldest and luxurious hotels in the Alps and was founded in The Alpina, Gstaad:

Scott Dunn Group (Ehiogu Party) Ski Hire Registration Form - 2nd-5th March 2017

All it takes is one phone call to experts such as Scott Dunn, who have now expanded to Singapore, to plan your very own unforgettable holiday. Where most see chaos and mayhem ensuing, travel concierges are able to establish some calm and order while recognising opportunities to showcase their problem-solving skills, all to provide clients with unforgettable holiday experiences. From humble beginnings, Andrew Dunn has now built a company that is highly sought after for its impeccable service and expertise. Branching out into Singapore, the company now brings the service to Asia and we had the opportunity to sit down with the man behind the brand to find out more about what makes Scott Dunn the go to travel concierge and where we should head to for our next well-deserved holiday. The story began in when I had the great idea to do ski holidays better. Above all, it is service. In fact, in this digital age, we stand out by actively discouraging communication by email and make it difficult to enquire with us online.

Telegraph marketer Graham Horner leaves for luxury travel brand Scott Dunn

Guests will have exclusive access to their chef to ask any burning questions over a glass of wine, and perhaps even receive a short kitchen masterclass. With respect to the distinct culinary style and identity of every Flying Chef, the experience will be completely tailored to the tastes of each individual set of guests making this a hugely bespoke dining experience. To ensure a seamless ski experience, guests have access to the Scott Dunn Guest Relations Manager, on-site hour concierge on-site, a ski rental shop and a boutique, stocking a selection of ski equipment and clothing. A pre-arrival shopping service also ensures the pantry is stocked with all the favourites before landing. The 16, two-five bedroom spacious residences have been designed in traditional alpine style, with exposed wooden beams and porcelain tiles, with the comforts of modern technology. The Ski Explorers programme provides a taster for skiing — rather than a formal ski lesson — with the emphasis on having fun on skis and playing games, without the need for parents to enrol them in more formal ski school lessons. The Ski Explorers Programme will be available three times per week with a maximum of six children in each group. Additionally, for guests looking to ease the load when travelling with young families, Scott Dunn now has an exclusive travel partnership in place with Dutch design brand, Bugaboo, who is best known for revolutionising the pushchair market.

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Luxury travel company Scott Dunn chose Inflexion to back its buyout and help drive future growth in December Founded in , the company provides a broad range of luxury holidays from skiing and Mediterranean resorts to tailor-made journeys and bespoke honeymoons. Scott Dunn is recognised as a premium brand in the sector and is distinguished by delivering very high levels of service to its guests. Inflexion know the travel space well, having backed a number of investments in the space, including On the Beach and Griffin Global Group. Our experience in helping businesses expand into new areas is valuable as we work with Scott Dunn to continue its strong growth both in the UK and internationally and our digital director is assisting with excellence in digital marketing. Since our investment, we supported acquisitions in the US and Asia to help serve the inherent demand in these markets for the Scott Dunn service. Scott Dunn Luxury travel company Scott Dunn chose Inflexion to back its buyout and help drive future growth in December The company Founded in , the company provides a broad range of luxury holidays from skiing and Mediterranean resorts to tailor-made journeys and bespoke honeymoons. The Inflexion difference Inflexion know the travel space well, having backed a number of investments in the space, including On the Beach and Griffin Global Group. Interview Taking a world-class travel business international.

For some fresh travel ideas and perspectives for , we spoke with Graham Horner, Director of Sales and Marketing for tour operator Scott Dunn , and father of three well-travelled children, Leo 6 years , Ginny 4 years , Rufus 6 months. Give us a background to the Scott Dunn brand; when and where did it launch?

Why the founder of Country Holidays let his own company go

Start Date: November The Salary: Not Specified. Nobody forgets their first ski season, and many of our resort staff come back year after year. Our winter season jobs offer an opportunity to bring your skills to a completely new environment. Our Resort Managers are dedicated and highly motivated individuals who manage the winter resort programme overseas in the Alps. This role is challenging and intensive, yet very rewarding. This position holds overall responsibility within the allocated resort team and is very diverse in its portfolio of associated duties. While the role is primarily that of overseeing the work of the team and the other managers, problem solving is a significant work area and the ability and willingness to get involved in any aspect of the operation from guest relations to vehicle maintenance checks, and from human resource management to stock control are essential. If you are looking for a job that pushes you to be your very best, that enables you to live in the mountains and to work alongside some of the best professionals in the industry, then this is the position for you.

Win a Scott Dunn £13000 Luxury Ski Chalet Holiday

Graham Horner, Telegraph Media Group's marketing director, has left the company to become the sales and marketing director at luxury holiday operator Scott Dunn. Horner will oversee marketing strategy and revenue across Scott Dunn's different travel brands, including ski holidays and villa holidays. He will also become a member of the board. Horner joined Telegraph media group in and a year later was promoted from the role of loyalty director to marketing director. He was responsible for brand campaigns and sales promotions, in addition to the group's loyalty programmes, across the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and telegraph. Prior to joining the Telegraph group, Horner was head of loyalty at Coca-Cola GB and was in charge of Coke Zone when it was a platform for consumers to collect rewards through on-pack codes. Stay signed in for 30 days. Forgotten password?

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