Extreme couponing amanda rude

Extreme couponing amanda rude

A case in point, she said, is contained in a promotional clip recently released online. It shows a man arriving in the grocery aisle seconds too late to purchase an energy bar after an extreme coupon shopper put every last bar into her cart. Read more about this enlightening article HERE. You talkin bout the shelf-clearer with an attitude? Now as for the show…it makes us normal extreme couponers look REAL bad…..

‘Extreme Couponing’: Overindulgent and rude

LOL, I've seen that show. In fact, I became a little inspired by the show and now have a SMALL pile of stuff, like free floss and practically free vitamins. But once it's gotten out of control, I usually send it all in a care package to the troops in Afghanistan. I wondered the same thing about these people- where's the healthy food?? I refuse to put my health at risk to save a few bucks. The Extreme Couponing show is a disaster. They regularly show coupon fraud and some of the stores featured have "special" sales and rules just for the show that are not available to their regular shoppers.

I teach a couponing class at Waubonsee Community College Sugar Grove, IL and at the beginning of each class, I have a huge discussion with my participants about how that show is complete crap, it is fraud, it is theft and how those shopping trips cannot be replicated. Thanks for the great blog post! I use to do this I assure you, I am NOT insane or a hoarder. I am very messy though. I ordered coupon off of a website once or twice, but aside from that I never paid for my coupons.

I was very honest about what stuff cost me, factoring in what I paid to buy coupons. I was actually really good. Here is a blog I kept. I still shop loss leaders, but I don't shop like I used to. PS- don't punch me, I heart you. I can't but secretely wish one of them lived near me in case I forget something at the store. Its just silly. I'm happy to clip coupons and save a few dollars but these people have problems!

Also, things do expire and there is no way in hell a family of 5 is going to use 76 bottles of BBQ sause before the "best if used by" date. If its their hobby- great. Donate all the extra to a food bank instead of hoarding it all. I've been couponing for years normal couponing - just using my newspaper that I subscribe to because I read it and a few internet coupons.

Back in - there were a ton of great deals if you knew what you were doing with what you have. Now, I just don't see the savings or the special promos like there once were and I blame these shows because stores are smartening up. For me "hoarding" is buying 4 boxes of cereal and 2 bottles of mustard at a time - so why you need 73 bottles of mustard is beyond me - even if it is free.

The people who stockpile dog food with no intention of ever having a dog, or diapers! One lady had a wall of shelving with diapers even tho she said she didn't plan to have kids for 5 - 10 years! That's not saving money, that's wasting money on stuff you. My favorite are the people that have 5 computers because you can only print 2 coupons from each.

And how much did that computer cost you?? And what? Your time is free? I agree with you. These people have some form of disorder. I guess I'm lazy -- or sane! I enjoy using coupons, especially when something is on sale, so it's like a double discount. However, I watched only as few of these episodes before I had to stop; my anger was overwhelming!

Not only do they clear the shelves, so no one else gets to buy, they stockpile beyond reason, never donating their reasonable excess to food panties! I remember two single sisters stockpiling diapers no baby in sight. A women's shelter would gratefully accepted those. The thrill of the hunt is great, seeing a reasonable stockpile is great, giving to the less fortunate is truly worthy.

Not to mention, of course, all of the food is processed, no one needs candy bars or bottles of soda, and most of the people do not appear to be in fine physical shape. I still can't believe the stores let them get away with this; they take up an entire line and several employees for hours. The register inevitably freezes, and corporate needs to be called, all to make a sale worth nothing for the store.

These people are hoarders by another name. It's socially acceptable to be a couponer, not to be a hoarder. I Like to coupon, but I don't do anything like the trips featured in the show. I typically pay little to nothing for soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. I keep extras of those items but somewhere in the neighborhood of , not If you're couponing honestly and ethically the sale is worth plenty to the store, as they get reimbursed face value plus handling for the coupon. I hate that show, it's grosses me out.

I watched it once and one guy gave most of his stuff to a food pantry and I was ok with that, but the rest of you people are sickos. I agree the coupons are always for stuff I never buy. Plus often the store brand is way cheaper and just as good ever try the target brand tums, much tastier and cheaper. I don't have room in my house for all the regular food and household items and if I'm adding square footage it wont be for a stockpile- I want a bigger bathroom and another bedroom!

I completely agree! You would NEVER buy candy bars if you didn't have a coupon, therefore you can't count that as an amount saved on groceries every month. I would never buy packets of Nestle Quick, therefore I can't count that as a grocery savings. This couponing is an addiction. Now, what I do like is when these people figure out how to get tons of stuff like toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products and deodarant for free and donate it to a much-in-need shelter or charity organization.

I think this is just plain wasteful and ridiculous. Honestly, I think these people have an addiction to "saving money. I like coupons,but these people are cookoo for cocoa puffs. I had to stop my subscription to the newspaper because people kept stealing them for the coupons. Now I buy my Sunday paper at the store and when I went to buy one this weekend, I had to check four papers before I found one with the coupons. Is it worth jail time to get that free pack of ramen? OMG, I think my hubs was one of the first extreme couponers.

Then he would drive to, I swear, stores a week just to shop. Who does that??? It would drive me nuts. He would buy shit that we would not use just because "it was a great price". Who gives a fuck? I don't want it, we don't use it, it'll just sit there gathering dust. He finally saw the light and stopped doing that. I refuse to do coupons coz I don't care how much of his money I spend. If I want it, I'll just get it.

I guess it could be classified as O. They're obsessed with saving money, and have a compulsion to shop and stockpile? So glad I've never run into one at my local grocery store. These people are insane, but if that is what they want to do Just don't do it at my grocery store and we won't have a problem. I HATE getting behind these people in the checkout line!

Who cares that the computer won't take off your. I actually think these people have obsessive-compulsion disorder - seriously. Why in the world you would ever needs anything is beyond me. Surely they could put their time to use doing something more worthwhile. Honestly, they need some sort of OCD thereapy. I too am a fan of coupons, using them in what I consider a typical capacity. As others have mentioned, I have seen some of these people donate their containers of baby formula etc and to them I say, way to go.

To be able to provide much needed food and supplies to those in need, while not having to really pay much for that I think is great. I'd love to do more donating, I just don't have the money. Took some time, but only maybe a morning all told. I sat down once and figured out my savings. I never bought anything I wouldn't ordinarily buy, unless it was something new that I wanted to try and I never stockpiled more than maybe a couple of extras of anything. Once I started working for a paying job, both my time for couponing and my need to do so dwindled.

Do I still love a bargain?

Extreme Couponing on TLC Staged ?! – MUST READ and Voice You Opinion

A lot of people have been writing to me asking for my opinion on the Extreme Couponing show. A while back, I read an article about how we love reality TV because it feeds our pride. Then I feel a sense of superiority, which is bad in and of itself, but that sense of superiority can make me more blind to the faults that I do have. Now, about the actual couponing!

LOL, I've seen that show. In fact, I became a little inspired by the show and now have a SMALL pile of stuff, like free floss and practically free vitamins.

Coupon bloggers around the country have dissected the show, noting the sheer number of coupons that appeared to have been misused, the store policies that were disregarded during the taping, and numerous cashiers overriding registers beeping that coupons did not match the items being purchased. One supermarket chain even blew the whistle on the amount of rule-bending, policy-lifting and staging done for their episodes of Extreme Couponing. Judging from reactions on coupon blogs around the web, most coupon shoppers became so tired of the coupon misuse depicted week after week that they simply stopped watching. I did too for most of Season 2.

Confirmed: Counterfeit coupons used on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I'm the same way about perishables. I hit those aisles last and get home ASAP. That Amanda or Amber?? She is SO rude and disrespectful to her husband. There are food banks, women's shelters, homeless shelters that would more than welcome donations in this economy. Yes, that one chick was rude to her hubby.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Coupon machine - Extreme Couponing

What I think of Extreme Couponing

Extreme couponing is the downfall of a civilized society. Photo via sdc Flickr Commons photostream. I would like to extend an invitation to every extreme couponer out there. Please feel free to come to my house so that I can kick YOU in the crotch. I was so pissed after watching these self absorbed drains on society that I turned the channel. Talk about failing to be a productive member of society — these extreme couponers are all doing it under the false belief that they are entrepreneurial evil geniuses. Many of them sift through soiled baby diapers, used tampons and condoms and half eaten sandwiches in various dumpsters to find discarded circulars and sales flyers. After all, one persons skid marks on a toilet tissue square is another persons treasures, right? They take the act very seriously, as if their coupon collecting is a substitute for a noble profession or something. But why get a job when you and the grocery stores are happily complicit in fraud, right?








VIDEO ON THEME: Extreme Couponing S01 - Ep09 Amber & Amanda
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